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Posted by Stella Broster on Jul 26, 2019 1:38:06 PM
Roger Wilson-Hind

We are delighted to have another guest blog, this time by Roger Wilson-Hinds, founder of the Georgiephone app. Roger, who has been blind since birth, describes what he sees and suggests simple ways to maximise minimal vision.

Roger says “what I see depends as much on my brain as my eye defect. My brain constantly makes the best guess about what I see. The smallest visual clue can be enough for me to guess or know what I am looking at. I get tired looking – it’s hard work with so few clues and so much effort. And I get tired quickly when trying to sort the detail, especially with reading print and close work”.

As part of our blog “10 Questions to Help Advise a Senior New to Sight Loss” we provided a simple questionnaire to help assess the needs and capabilities of a person recently diagnosed with a visual impairment.

In our new checklist, Roger lists a series of further questions to ask a senior with sight loss, which might lead to a more in-depth understanding of their requirements. We have included Roger’s responses for information (but not to limit anyone's responses), and a space for you to record the answers of participants. We would be fascinated to hear from others about their personal visual experience, so feel free to share the results with us.

First of all, download your free checklist by clicking below.

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