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Help and support for people with sight loss

There is a lot of help and support available for people who are losing their sight. Accessing this support can have a really positive impact on wellbeing, communication and mental health. It also helps to access guidance on how to deal with the practical and medical aspects of sight loss. Assistive technology can help many people experiencing sight loss to maintain independence in practical matters such as communication, reading and accessing information.  

Advise Seniors New To Sight Loss

Assistive technology for people with sight loss

Assistive technology can help people adapt to their changing sight requirements. There are lots of options available - for those with no previous experience of computers as well as people who are more used to technology.  

How to find which assistive technology is best?

Download and complete our simple questionnaire with your client or family member and the information you gain will help us to help you identify the technology best suited to their individual needs. This means the person experiencing sight loss is supported and has the best assistive technology to help build their independence and their confidence and continue to live life to the full. 

What are the main impacts of a new diagnosis of sight loss?

According to the RNIB, every day 250 people start to lose their sight in the UK. More than two million people in the UK now live with sight loss that is severe enough to have a significant impact on their daily lives - affecting things such their ability to move around safely or read easily.

As we get older, one of the main conditions that can affect us is eye health. Sight loss can be frightening and confusing at first and may sometimes lead to self-isolation or depression, particularly if combined with other age-related health conditions. Older people might also find their social circle shrinking as they self isolate. This may result in feelings of loneliness that might compound physical problems and mental health issues.

Support seniors with sight loss? Need to identify their technology needs?  Download our FREE questionnaire
When a person is initially diagnosed with a visual impairment, they might feel afraid about how this will affect their day-to-day life. If they still work, they might wonder how they will be able to continue doing their job. If they are retired, they may feel travelling will become an issue and that they might become isolated at home.

Technology can provide a wide range of solutions to help people with a visual impairment get online, connect to family and friends and continue to live their everyday life as naturally as possible. But what if they don’t feel confident with technology?

If you work with or support people recently diagnosed with sight loss, we can help you assess their needs and capabilities and begin to explore their technology options.

Download our simple questionnaire and work through it with a client or family member who has been recently diagnosed with a visual impairment. Once it's complete, contact the Dolphin sales team on 01905 754 577 and we'll help you find the right Dolphin Assistive Technology product that suits their needs and experience.

If you need any help in the meantime, or you would like further information on any Dolphin assistive technology products, please contact our friendly team at 


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