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Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 11. In this blog we’ll tell you a bit more about the Windows 11 upgrade, the devices eligible for the Windows 11 rollout and how Dolphin assistive technology products are currently being tested and updated to ensure compatibility.

You can be confident that we've got you covered and that future versions of your Dolphin software product will work perfectly with Windows 11.

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New in Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows and a major update to the Windows operating system. It offers innovations that will enhance user productivity, along with a fresh experience to aid with office and home working. It promises to be a reliable, secure and high-performance operating system.

More about what’s new in Windows 11 >

When will Windows 11 be available?

Windows 11 is available for new Windows devices from 5 October 2021.

An upgrade to Windows 11 will also be rolled out from this date onwards to existing Windows 10 users with compatible devices.

Some older computers may not be eligible for Windows 11. If you are using an older computer, this may be a good time to upgrade to a newer model. It will mean your computer runs better, is more secure and you’ll have a better user experience.

Devices compatible with Windows 11

You can check if your computer is compatible with Windows 11 with a downloadable PC Health Check app available on the Microsoft website. (You will find it at the bottom of the linked page, under the heading 'Check for Compatability'). It's quick to download and a pop-up provides full information as to whether your device is compatible for the upgrade.

Microsoft hopes to have offered Windows 11 to every compatible machine by the middle of 2022.

Further information and system requirements for the Windows 11 roll-out >

Dolphin software and Windows 11 - we've got you covered!

We want to ensure that the process of upgrading to Windows 11 goes smoothly for Dolphin customers. With this in mind, our team has been fully testing each of our assistive technology products to check the software products work perfectly with the Windows 11 upgrade.

This process started before the upgrade release, on a test version provided to us by Microsoft. Now Windows 11 has been released, the Dolphin team continues to run further tests on the live version of Windows 11. Our priority is to make sure every customer has the best possible experience with their Dolphin assistive technology when upgrading to Windows 11.

Continue reading to find out more about Windows 11 support for Dolphin products.

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Dolphin SuperNova and Windows 11

The team at Dolphin has completed testing of SuperNova 20 on Windows 11. Version 20.04 is now available with support for Windows 11.  

The SuperNova 20.04 update is free for customers running version 20 of: 

Customers who update to version 20.04 and have a device compatible with Windows 11 are eligible for the Windows 11 rollout. 

Customers running SuperNova version 19 and earlier can purchase an upgrade to version 20.04 from Dolphin direct, or from one of our trusted Dolphin Dealers

Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until 14 October 2025.

Upgrading to SuperNova v20

If you are not running the current version of SuperNova, we recommend that you upgrade to version 20 and purchase a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) or SuperNova Upgrade Programme (SUP).

These are pre-paid plans that provide automatic upgrades to the latest version of SuperNova:

SuperNova Upgrade Program (SUP) – For individual users

The SUP is a pre-paid plan that includes two major upgrades of your SuperNova edition, and automatic support for the latest Windows operating systems.

A SuperNova Upgrade Plan includes two major upgrades for the price of one, so it’s a cost-effective way of keeping your SuperNova product up to date.

More About SUP

Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) – For organisations

The SMA is an annual maintenance plan that covers upgrades, updates and bug fixes for Dolphin SuperNova software and for Windows operating system upgrades.

The Dolphin SMA is excellent value for money and is typically half the price of buying upgrades separately. It renews annually to ensure your company’s SuperNova version is always current.

More About SMA


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GuideConnect and Windows 11

Dolphin has completed testing of Dolphin GuideConnect version 1.19 and we are pleased to confirm that GuideConnect now supports Windows 11. 

This update is now available for all customers with an active Premium Plan.   

 Premium Plan for GuideConnect Logo

GuideConnect Premium Plan

If you would like the GuideConnect update to install automatically, and for the best experience during future upgrades and updates, purchase a Premium Plan for GuideConnect.

A 12-month Premium Plan for GuideConnect entitles you to:

  • Regular updates direct to your computer
  • Exclusive use of GuideConnect accessible video calling
  • Sign in to multiple email accounts
  • Top priority support status

About Premium Plan


Dolphin EasyReader Logo: Graphic of an open book and the words 'Dolphin EasyReader'Dolphin EasyConverter Express LogoDolphin Publisher Logo

How Windows 11 affects other Dolphin products

If you use Dolphin EasyReader, Dolphin Publisher or EasyConverter Express, we’ve got you covered!

Our tests show that the latest versions of EasyReader, Publisher and EasyConverter Express are all compatible with Windows 11.  


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