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3 benefits of digital whiteboards

Interactive digital whiteboards are common in classrooms and business conference rooms the world over. With the right screen-pairing software, these digital and interactive whiteboards enable children with low vision to learn alongside their peers. Adults with visual impairments  can use this assistive technology to pair their laptops with whiteboards and access presentations and information displayed at conferences and in the workplace in a more accessible way.

1. Students with low vision can stay in mainstream classes

Everyone has the right to an education, and for some children and students with visual impairments or low vision, reaching their potential in a mainstream class can be difficult without help.

While some opportunities to learn are lost due to the inaccessibility of classroom equipment in school or college settings. With an interactive digital whiteboard that connects to their computer using assistive technology, students with low vision are able to view and adjust the display on an interactive whiteboard to suit their own vision. This means they are able to learn in line with their peers in a classroom setting.

2. Visually impaired students can sit anywhere in the classroom

It's common for students with low vision to sit at the front of the class to view the whiteboard better. With a digital whiteboard and the right assistive technology however, students with low vision can sit anywhere in class and still see the whiteboard display. Assistive technology connects the whiteboard display to the students' computer, so they have the freedom to sit where they like and still view what's happening on the whiteboard. 

3. It empowers independent learning

Students who are able to see the teacher's presentation at the same time as their classmates are better able to keep up with the pace of their lessons. Using screen pairing technology means that students with visual impairments can read along with the rest of the class in a way that is comfortable and accessible to their vision levels. 

By pairing a student's laptop to the class interactive whiteboard, the student can magnify the screen or adjust the display settings and colours to suit their vision, so they can reduce visual fatigue and concentrate for longer in class.

Introducing the Whiteboard Wizard

SuperNova Connect & Learn is assistive technology for students and learners with low vision.  It is a single flexible package which replaces five common low vision devices and enables students with low vision to work in line with their classmates in mainstream class.

With a SuperNova Connect & Learn package from Dolphin, students with low vision can wirelessly connect to a digital whiteboard to view and magnify the information displayed in in class on their own laptop or tablet.

To pair the whiteboard to your student's device, Dolphin has a simple screen sharing software that's really simple to install. You won't even need IT input to link the whiteboard - simply use the SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard.

If your student already uses SuperNova Connect & Learn, you can download the Whiteboard Wizard free. 

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