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We’re delighted that GuideConnect is featured in issues of the American Foundation for the Blind’s (AFB’s) popular magazine: AccessWorld.

GuideConnect has a straightforward, simplified mode for a Windows 10 computer that is quite intuitive!"

While AFB was originally formed to serve American Veterans who became blind as a result of World War One, it is known globally for having led the development of standardized English Braille code and developing the first Talking Book and Talking Book Machine, plus much more. So when AFB asked to feature GuideConnect in AccessWorld, we were honored, and also thrilled with their review.

“Dolphin's GuideConnect does a really good job of making the computer a more useful  device for the new user.”


For those of you just learning about GuideConnect, in the most basic terms, GuideConnect is a menu-driven software that is easy to navigate with a keyboard, touchpad or remote control. 

GuideConnect presents a fixed list of common computing tasks to choose from on your Windows computer, tablet or through a box fitted to your own TV, that you operate with a Dolphin Remote Control.

Accessibility is built-in, so it's always there to support the user and make things easy.

“GuideConnect creates a straightforward, simplified mode for a Windows 10 computer that is quite intuitive. The interface enables access to the computer with a combination of text-to-speech and screen magnification that really feels like it's built right in rather than added on as an afterthought.


Things you can do in GuideConnect:

  • Send and receive emails
  • Write letters and documents
  • Browse websites
  • Join in on Social Media
  • Stream the most popular TV and movie services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc)
  • Convert or Magnify print documents
  • Read books from accessible libraries
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Read accessible newspapers and magazines
  • Listen to radio stations around the world
  • Learn to type

“Although GuideConnect provides a simplified user interface for menus and navigation, it comes with a wide variety of applications.”


GuideConnect has everything a person needs to keep living independently and managing their affairs, while staying connected to their family, friends and community. And don’t forget about the variety of entertainment options to enjoy!

“The terms 'easy-to-use,' 'simple' and 'basic' sometimes have negative connotations in the world of tech. As if whatever they are being used to describe may not have all the latest features.

For people who are getting used to assistive technology, however, extra features may just be clutter that gets in the way of getting the job done, or may contribute to a steeper learning curve. Dolphin GuideConnect changes that.”



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