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Do you know how to get US Stimulus Funding to support your students who are blind or have visual impairments?

All you have to do is ask! It's really easy and we can help you find out how much you could - and should - claim.

If you're a district administrator, simply apply to the state. If you are a specialist or teacher, you should communicate your needs to your administrator.

We recommend you dream big and apply early!

Please note: Stimulus Funding is finite. If you don’t apply for it, it gets allocated to other LEAs and other programs. If enough LEAs fail to apply for it, this funding pool goes back to the government and will be lost.

Claim Funding for Your School or District

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Learn more about US Stimulus and how to claim it on our Funding Resources Page. Millions of CARES Act Funding has gone unclaimed because schools haven't applied.  Make sure you claim the funding your school needs and has been allocated.



Advice for Teachers, Assistive Technology Professionals and IEP Team Members

Build a list and a plan:

  1. Assess the needs of the students in your class or caseload
  2. Prepare a wish list of items for purchase
  3. Ensure you include professional development
  4. Submit to your Administration

Advice for Administrator

Go to your state’s Department of Education - the application process is different for each state. Visit our dedicated landing page to learn the right process and find the correct application form for your state. Then:

  1. Collect the requests within your LEA
  2. Build an implementation team and put a plan together
  3. Include the cost of professional development
  4. Apply to the State for the money

Download Dolphin's Wish List Calculator

Even if you ordered everything your students and teachers need - everything - it would still be only a fraction of the funding available to your district. Download the calculator, find out how much your district is receiving and then request a quote!

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