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We are thrilled that Sam, host of The Blind Life vlog agreed to review Dolphin GuideConnect on his YouTube channel. Sam's demonstration of all the features and the positive experience he had with GuideConnect really comes across in the review, which we think you’ll enjoy watching, too.

If you’re considering buying GuideConnect, this is a really useful video review from a well-known and well-respected assistive technology expert. Watch the video online now:

Sam from The Blind Life sitting at his computer desk - a large play button is overlaid

About The Blind Life Vlog

Sam makes YouTube videos for people who are blind and visually impaired. His videos are varied and contain everything from advice and tips, to his personal experiences of navigating life with low vision. In addition, Sam reviews technology and accessibility products, such as GuideConnect and Dolphin SuperNova.

Sam is holding a Dolphin Remote Control and pointing to the buttons. He is sitting in front of his computer screen which is displaying GuideConnect menu.

The video covers how easy GuideConnect is to use and covers loads of the GuideConnect features including: 

Using GuideConnect on different devices and different ways to navigate. 

"GuideConnect has a very large, easy to understand user interface "

How to access entertainment, including TV streaming, podcasts and books in accessible libraries. Plus, using the camera to capture photos and images of printed words, and reading the text with speech and magnification.

"GuideConnect makes [computers] easier to use and fully accessible"

He also covers the different ways to use GuideConnect and demonstrates how to use it on touchscreen devices, a PC with a keyboard and mouse, and the Dolphin remote control. 

In the demonstration of the remote control, Sam covers the accessible features of the remote control itself, how to navigate GuideConnect with the Dolphin remote control, zooming in and out to enlarge magnification on screen. He also shows how to use the built-in microphone in the remote to dictate an email.

"Great for people who don't have a computer or aren't tech savvy"


GuideConnect Logo - a speech bubble containing squares of different colours, with the words 'Dolphin GuideConnect'

More About GuideConnect

GuideConnect easy-to-use software which helps people with visual impairments stay independent, connected and entertained at home. It helps you easily connect with your friends and family, provides access to a range of entertainment and enables you to complete administrative tasks such as reading letters, composing emails and managing a diary easily and in a format that's more accessible and more visible.

GuideConnect is available as software which you can add to your own Windows device – PC, laptop or tablet. It’s also available through a special box that connects to your own TV, operated with a Dolphin Remote Control. So you can benefit from everything GuideConnect has to offer from the comfort of your living room.

About GuideConnect 

Learn how to use GuideConnect

If you’d like to learn GuideConnect for personal use, or to learn how to use it to train others, visit the Dolphin Learning Zone.  We offer accredited courses for Assessors, Educators, and Trainers.

Each course is free and offers an assessment, certificate, and digital badge to recognise the successful completion of the course. Each course is broken down into bite-size lessons that take you through all the functions and benefits of GuideConnect, so you feel confident you know all GuideConnect has to offer.

Visit Learning Zone


Book a GuideConnect Demonstration

If you’d like a more personalised run-through of GuideConnect, please book a live video demonstration with us. We'll take you through all the functions and benefits of GuideConnect, so you feel confident you know all GuideConnect has to offer.

Book GuideConnect Demo

Dolphin Events

Alternatively, Dolphin frequently attends events and conferences, and holds live demonstrations at sight loss centres nationwide. Check the Dolphin event calendar to see if we’re visiting an event near you soon.

If your local sight loss charity or society would like to hold a focus day, please get in touch and we’d be happy to arrange this with you. There are many benefits to this, including training and support from Dolphin for society staff.

Events Calendar

Hands holding a computer tablet which is displaying the large icons of the GuideConnect menu

Try GuideConnect Free

We offer a 30-day free trial of GuideConnect, which enables you to try all GuideConnect features to see if it’s for you. It comes with full support, which you can get on the phone, with a remote connection or through email, so if there’s anything you’re unsure of then we can help answer any queries you have and talk you through what to do if you get stuck.

Start Free Trial


Watch the Blind Life video review of Dolphin SuperNova: 

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