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A round-up of accessibility good news stories, some of our favourite podcasts, accessible computer games, social media accounts and more things we think you'll enjoy this summer.

In the News

This year’s Great Bristol Run is staging the first Visually Impaired Runners 10k Challenge

Chris Blackabee smiles and celebrates with his arms in the air at the end of a race, alongside Guide runner Colin Johnson. Both are wearing high vis vests and their race numbers the race finish line can be seen in the backgroundImage credit: VI Runners Bristol

The VI Runners 10k Challenge is being held in partnership with VI Runners Bristol, to drive up participation in running for people registered as severely sight impaired. 

The VI Runners 10k Challenge is part of The Great Bristol Run - an action-packed weekend of running around the streets of Bristol, UK which also includes a junior event and Half Marathon. Taking place on 19th September 2021. Full details and entry information is available at the Great Bristol Run website.

The event will showcase the best of Bristol, with cheering crowds and entertainment zones providing a lively soundtrack to the run.

Bristol is recognised in various studies and surveys as the UK’s friendliest city and Bristolians have been named as the kindest people in the UK! In 2019, Bristol was named as the happiest city in the UK! What better excuse to take in this vibrant city than by running around it or visiting to cheer on the runners.


Kellogg’s adds AT to cereal boxes to help blind and partially sighted shoppers

Image shows 3 boxes of Kellogg's cereals (Cornflakes, Special K and Cocopops) The NaviLens barcodes are displayed on the front of each pack.Image credit:

Kellogg’s is the first food company in the world to introduce pioneering NaviLens technology onto its packaging in Europe. Special bar codes in high-contrast colours are displayed on the packaging. These can be scanned from up to three metres away by a smartphone.

Designed specifically for use by consumers with visual impairments, it provides location information in store, as well as product information - including nutritional and allergy and Information – to the shopper.

RNIB research found that 90% of visually impaired shoppers find the information on food labels difficult and often impossible to read. These new labels are sure to have a significant impact on the shopping habits of over 30 million people in Europe with sight loss when the new packaging launches on Kellogg’s cereal boxes across Europe next year.

This is an important step in consumer accessibility, and we hope the work Kellogg’s is doing to make their packaging accessible for visually impaired people acts as a springboard for further positive change in the food and consumer sector.

Computer Games are now available to play in GuideConnect

Dolphin has introduced three computer games to GuideConnect. They are a fun way to pass the time and keep your mind active. GuideConnect users can find each of the three games in their GuideConnect Entertainment menu – to start playing straight away.

Image shows a computer screen displaying Blackjack on GuideConnect.

Choose from three new games:


In this classic word game, players win by uncovering the letters of a hidden word. Each time the player guesses an incorrect letter, GuideConnect draws another part of the hangman. To win the game, players need to uncover the complete word before the hangman drawing is complete.


A card-based game where the player attempts to win as many casino chips as possible from the GuideConnect dealer.

To win, players need to match the value of their cards as close to 21 as possible. After being dealt two cards, players can choose ‘Hit’ to be dealt another card, or ‘Stick’ to stay with the cards they currently have. Players win if the value of their cards is closer to 21 than the dealer’s - or if the dealer’s cards add up to more than 21. (We regret that the casino chips in the GuideConnect Blackjack cannot be used as real currency!)


A number-based puzzle for people who enjoy a challenge. To win the game, players need to complete a 9 by 9 grid so that each column, row and 3 by 3 sub-grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9. Some numbers will already be completed to start the game off. There’s only one solution to each Sudoku puzzle board.

More about GuideConnect >

Listen, watch & enjoy this summer

Here are some social media accounts, podcasts, bloggers and vloggers we’re currently enjoying - and think you might like too!


That Blind Lad Logo -The Words 'That Blind Lad' grafitti'ed onto a colourful, striped wall

That Blind Lad Podcast

A podcast that focuses on disability and chronic illness, with a perfect blend of seriousness and humour, hosted by Jamie McAllister.

In the 'Journeys' series of this podcast, Jamie interviews a variety of people about their life journeys.




Image shows Sassy Wyatt with her guide dog Ida. Sassy is wearing a blue dress and a white chunky necklace. Sassy is smiling at the cameral and has her arms round Ida, a black lab

Purple Elephant Podcast

Sassy Wyatt deep dives into a variety topics with esteemed guests, to encourage listeners to open the dialogue on topics that we generally shy away from. Purple elephant brings the proverbial elephant to the table to deconstruct ableism, prejudice and misconceptions.

Read our Guest Blog from Sassy Wyatt to find out what Assistive Technology means to her.



Image shows a still from Ben Andrews YouTube Channel. Here, he is sitting in a living room, wearing a black hooded top.
Ben Andrews

In this popular YouTube video, Ben Andrews explores the common 'overcoming disability' narrative and the issues it causes for disabled people themselves and societies understanding of disability.

Image taken from Ben Andrews' YouTube channel 


Image of Lucy Edwards. Lucy is smiling at the camera and is standing outside in the sunshine
Lucy Edwards

Professional broadcaster, digital creator and regular radio and TV reporter, Lucy works to promote disability issues and shows the world about her life with sight loss. We really enjoy the upbeat videos Lucy produces about the expectation and reality of being a blind woman. 

You can also find Lucy on TikTok @lucyedwardsblind

Image credit:


The Toyko Paralympic Games start on 24th August 2021

Image shows all Channel 4 Paralympic Presenters in a studio setting, the background is purple with blue and red wave images. Image credit:


In the UK, Channel 4 will host round the clock Paralympics coverage from Tokyo, plus commentary from UK studios. Additionally, the More 4 channel will be a dedicated team sports channel, broadcasting live from Tokyo for the duration of the games.

In the words of Team GB Paralympian, Robyn Love:

“ Exposure and representation matters! I saw para sport for the first time during the 2012 Paralympics on Channel 4 and four years later I was selected for the Rio 2016 Paralympics and [now] I’m heading to Tokyo”.



New Dolphin Webinar Series

Enjoy bestsellers and classics with Calibre Audio and EasyReader

Join this webinar for a live demo of how to use Dolphin EasyReader to find and read titles from the Calibre Audio collection.

The Calibre Audio audiobook collection of over 12,000 titles is available to people in the UK who have a print-based disability. There are more than 3,000 books specifically for children and young readers.

Dolphin EasyReader is a free accessible reading app. Developed and designed for people with a visual impairment or dyslexia, It is available for iOS, Android or Kindle Fire devices, and provides direct access to the world’s largest collection of accessible book and newspaper services.

More Dolphin Webinars > 


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