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Throughout school, further and higher education, many students who are blind, partially sighted or have low vision use SuperNova to study and achieve their academic goals.

SuperNova magnification and screen reading software is reliable, robust and can be used in any educational setting. Globally, SuperNova helps hundreds of thousands of students with visual impairments. This specilised assistive technology means schoolchildren and higher education students with visual impairments have the tools to learn independently, in line with their sighted peers.  


We asked a range of students with visual impairments - from primary school age through to university -  how they use SuperNova to study in class and at home.

Accessibility throughout education

Reliable magnification and screen reading

Reading, writing and online research is quicker with SuperNova. Screen magnification is adjustable (up to 64 times original size) and stays sharp whatever the text enlargement level, so it’s easier to read when you have low vision. It enlarges everything on screen, including text, images and buttons.

Speech settings can be turned on and off as needed – so it's perfect for listening to longer passages of text or proof-reading written work.

“I use the speech to spellcheck”
Charlotte, student at Portsmouth University

Flexible and adaptable to changing needs

If your sight fluctuates throughout the day, you can adjust your magnification levels or turn speech settings on and off at the click of a button, so you can study comfortably.

“I often use inverted colours if my eyes are on a ‘bad day’ and don’t like the light,
I simply make it darker”
Chelsea, New College Worcester

When you move to different classrooms or work at home, you can take SuperNova with you - either on your own device, on a USB or with flexible licencing at your school or college.

If your sight changes as you grow up, SuperNova enables you to customise and adjust your magnification settings, on-screen colour schemes and speech settings. This gives you access to more on-screen information – so you’ll always keep up in class.

When you leave education and move on to the workplace, the technological skills you’ve built will stand you in good stead to succeed at work. You’ll be an experienced user of assistive technology, and can use the skills you’ve developed in your chosen career.

Accessing the curriculum

Use the same resources as everyone else in class

To improve accessibility in class - so students with visual impairments have equal access to all educational material - teachers and schools should always provide accessible versions of any reading material.  

We appreciate this isn’t always forthcoming, so when electronic versions of class handouts aren’t available, students can use the document camera to take pictures of class handouts and printed text. Students can then enlarge these images on screen. Alternatively, handouts can be scanned and the copy  read back with the SuperNova speech function and the built-in OCR.

“I don’t need someone to proof read for me, because I get SuperNova to read back what I’ve written”
Charlotte, student at Portsmouth University

Teachers can also download the Whiteboard Wizard App, to share any displays on the classroom’s interactive whiteboard on the SuperNova user’s screen. This means students using SuperNova can view the display on their own device in real time.

Sit anywhere in class

When SuperNova Connect & View is connected to a classroom whiteboard with the Whiteboard Wizard app – students with low vision don’t need to sit at the front of the class to view the whiteboard contents. Instead, it’s viewed on their laptop or tablet in real time.

SuperNova also enables students to adjust the magnification and colour schemes of this view to suit their sight.

“I can keep up with everyone else in class, I’m no different”
Chelsea, secondary school student

Read accessible versions of books for learning and leisure

Students in the UK can now access textbooks in accessible formats through EasyReader in SuperNova, in partnership with the RNIB Bookshare library. Access to this textbook library is free for students with visual impairments or dyslexia.

Additionally, EasyReader can be used to read accessible versions of all types of books, newspapers and magazines, so reading isn’t limited to schoolwork.

Explore SuperNova

SuperNova Software, & IT Accessories for Education

Take SuperNova everywhere you study

Students can move around classes and work at home with SuperNova on their own device. Alternatively, SuperNova is available on a USB, so it can be carried around by students and plugged into any Windows 10 PC, laptop or tablet. This means students can access magnification views and speech settings, without the need for full installation.

Schools, colleges and universities can easily provide SuperNova across their network with flexible licencing, and in the UK Dolphin also offers a free home licence with every school licence purchased, so students can complete their homework with SuperNova too.

“SuperNova has made a huge difference because I have been able to access a computer like everybody else and I have been able to read books like everyone else. It’s made a big difference.”

Amy, student at New College Worcester

SuperNova Connect & Learn Kit

Connect & Learn is a kit which includes SuperNova software and a range of lightweight accessories that students can bring to school and use at home.

With SuperNova Connect & Learn, students with low vision and visual impairments are equipped to read and learn independently, access all their learning material, and develop the computer skills they need to succeed in education and beyond.

For schools, Connect & Learn replaces five common, expensive devices in one cost-effective bundle. As well as saving money, the introduction of Connect & Learn means schools improve accessibility to a wider range of students, so more students with low vision are empowered to succeed.

More About Connect & Learn

Reliable software that makes a difference

SuperNova improves with every update

The Dolphin team of assistive technology developers work continually to improve SuperNova features and support changes in Windows 10.

Free updates are delivered regularly through the internet updater and upgrades can be included with a subscription add-on: the SuperNova Upgrade Plan (SUP). So you’re always up to date with the latest software.

Responsive support

The Dolphin Support Team are assistive technology experts and users with lots of experience. The team is available by phone and email, to help you right away. Additionally, Dolphin provides help, tips and support through free tutorials and training videos on the Dolphin website when you need extra information.

Trusted by schools and universities all over the world

Endorsed by teaching professionals, DSA Assessors and students, SuperNova is also the preferred assistive technology for school IT administrators. They find SuperNova is the only access product to support both blind and partially sighted students in a single installation and so reduces costs in ownership, maintenance and training.

As SuperNova is licenced by user, it can be distributed to any server, computer lab, Windows PC, laptop or tablet as needed.

“We have about 50 students using SuperNova across the county. The feedback from students, their families and teachers is that they like it, it works and it’s robust"

John Rous Milligan, Sensory Support at Norfolk Virtual Schools

When you leave education and move on to the workplace, the technological skills you’ve built will stand you in good stead to succeed at work. You’ll be an experienced user of assistive technology, and can use the skills you’ve developed in your chosen career.

From education to the workplace

SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader software, its accessories and Connect & Learn kit makes learning easier for students of all ages, simply by making it accessible.

When students can access the information they need, they can learn and thrive in line with the rest of their classmates. This accessibility should be available and expected, so that every student with a visual impairment succeeds and reaches their full potential in education and beyond.

When students with visual impairments move through the education system with their accessibility needs considered and accommodated appropriately, they are able to flourish.

This means that students with low vision enter employment with the knowledge and abilities provided by a good education, plus the awareness of how technology can help develop their skills and make the workplace accessible. This provides each student with equal opportunities to succeed in their chosen career.


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About the SuperNova Range

Choose SuperNova for reliable magnification and screen reading at school, college or university.  

SuperNova is available in three editions, to suit a range of sight levels. 

  1. SuperNova Magnifier
  2. SuperNova Magnifier & Speech
  3. SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader


Dolphin also offers the SuperNova Connect & Learn Kit - lightweight and easy to carry, this kit is designed specifically for classrooms. It includes SuperNova software on a Windows 10 laptop, Windows tablet with touchscreen magnification, accessible book reader, digital video magnifier, collabsible stand and backpack.Everything a student with low vision needs to study independently in class. 


To find out more about the Dolphin SuperNova range - or to book a demonstration - call our team on 01905 754 577 or email

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